Camilla Singapore Weekender Bag

I’m so in love with my brand spanking new Camilla Singapore Weekender Bag. It was one of the awesome prizes I won as part of the Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily Editor at Large comp. I haven’t been able to take pics until now but I’m going gaga over this print and wanted to share this amazing bag with you. It’s perfect for weekends away and let me assure you it’s also big enough to house all those new goodies purchased on said weekends away. In Camilla’s word the design behind the bag was “inspired by an array of things that make up my Singapore, whether that be the tiles on Arab Street, ancient Peranakan pottery or the tigers on the night safari.” Love, love love it…so pretty, so vibrant and so perfect. A huge thank you to DDGD and Camilla.

Ps: If you like the sounds of DDGD they’re seeking new friends, so why not head over to their facebook page. They’re super friendly, trust me. Alternatively head over to their website for the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


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