ASOS Australia goes live this Thursday – 15th September!

The countdown has begun. It’s now only a mere few days before ASOS Australia goes live. If all goes according to plan us locals will now be able to buy from the Australian version of the online retail giant, which goes live this Thursday – the 15th September. According to the grapevine “All elements of ASOS Australia will be tailored to the local market, with pricing in Australian dollars as well as free shipping and returns”. The retail giant will partner with homegrown brands such as Camilla and Marc, Wheels and Doll Baby and Insight, amongst others. It is expected that ASOS Australia will continue to promote its own brand as well as it’s partner brands. Now this is all good but I’m still in two minds about all of this. On one hand it’ll be nice to be able to return goods more efficiently but on the other I like being able to buy across seasons and reap the benefits of seasonal sales. We’ll see how this pans out. Watch this space.

{ quote from here image from here }


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