Please vote for me:-)

Vote for me here.

Hey everyone…i have a favour to ask. I’ve entered a comp to be an Editor at large at Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily (DDGD) and now it’s crunch time. I need as many votes as i can get and yes you can vote multiple times. Your vote would be hugely appreciated and would ultimately help pave out future endeavors I have planned for when i return to Sydney:-) Unfortunately I didn’t get to pick out my own images or write my own blurb so i wanted to add more tidbits here.

While I haven’t given my style much thought mostly because i love spontaneity, i guess if you had to typecast it i would call it eclectic. I think fashion is all about playing a character that reflects various aspects of your personality on any given day. I guess more then anything i like comfort and well cut pieces. Price isn’t too important and I like to mix bargain buys with more luxe purchases. Admittedly i do like my jewellery and accessories to be a little more playful and avant-garde. I love fashion, but at the end of the day that’s all is, it’s just another way to express your creativity and celebrate being who you want to be.

Anyway, back to the competition. I’d really appreciate you vote so if you have a moment please vote for me:-) A HUGE, GIGANTIC thank you for your support:-) 

You can vote for me here.


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