One fine morning

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to turn your mood around or to get inspired again. For me it was a quick stroll around my neighbourhood followed by an awesome coffee. I thought I’d gone off coffee but i think all i needed was a good one. You’d be surprised how many people have questioned whether i was pregnant. Apparently coffee isn’t so appetising when you are. I guess that tells you how much I used to love my coffee. I’d also like to add that I most definitely am not pregnant thank you very much:-) Admittedly I have been feeling somewhat lackluster lately but a  little bit of vitamin D sure did make me feel better today. Getting a few rays each day lifts your endorphins so they say and I think it did add a little kick to my day. I thought I’d take a couple of shots of things i found inspiring on my travels – hope you find them enjoyable wherever you may be. Remember to smile and have a fab day!


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