New beauty products

I don’t normally don’t buy so many products in one week, but I ran out of cleanser and concealer and needed to top up asap. The other bits where little extras I’ve been wanting to purchase over time. In the past i’d quite easily handover my cash for pretty products i thought i’d use, only to find i didn’t once I took them home. Nowadays, I like to own fewer ‘things’ – I enjoy and appreciate them more this way, Anyway since downsizing I’ve decided to sample products at home before i purchase them, this way not only am i saving money but i’m also buying a product that works for me. 
Anyway back to the products…Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple is my favourite cleanser. It seems to work well for me and leaves my skin nice and clean. I tested the Natio concealer a couple of weeks ago and think  it’s awesome. Generally i find concealers difficult to buy, but i like the colour and texture of this one (it’s more fluid) plus it’s super cheap. The nail lacquer was a treat, now that i’ve finally grown my nails (yes i’ve been a nail nibbler for years) and finally the two Smashbox products have been on my must purchase list for a few months. The primer is particularly awesome as it tones down any redness and leaves you with a silky smooth complexion.

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